1887 N184 W.S. Kimball Clarence Whistler 1952 Topps BASEBALL 5 CENT Wax Pack Mantle Mays Robinson
1909 E92 Croft 1868 Carte-de-Visite (CDV) Ulysses S. Grant Signed Cincinnati
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Welcome to TonyeTrade Enterprises!

Whether you are trying to complete a collection or find that rare elusive sports or baseball card you've come to the right place. Catering to the needs of the collector, Tonyetrade Enterprises specializes in rare and difficult to find sports memorabilia. With focus on vintage and rare baseball, football, and hockey sports cards, Tonyetrade deals in high quality collectibles graded by the top professional sports card authenticators: PSA and SGC.

About TonyeTrade.com

Tony Arnold, the founder, has been buying and selling sports cards since 1986 specializing in buying and selling hard to find baseball cards. An avid sports enthusiast and collector himself, he has been a prominent PowerSeller on Ebay since 1998. Committed to quality and customer service, he has earned the respect of thousands of sports and baseball card collectors nationwide for delivering quality service.

Buying and Selling Highly Rated Cards

The specialty of TonyeTrade is the acquisition and sale of investment quality sports and baseball cards. We have the flexibility to handle large or small sports card deals ranging from vintage common to a high end Babe Ruth collectible. TonyeTrade has handled some of the most sought after sports cards in the hobby: a 1952 Topps PSA 9 Mickey Mantle, several T206 Honus Wagner’s, PSA 8 E90-1 Joe Jackson Rookie, PSA 9 E93 Honus Wagner, PSA 8 E93 Ty Cobb, PSA 7 E101 Honus Wagner, PSA 8 1915 Cracker Joe Jackson, and PSA 8 1915 Sporting News Babe Ruth Rookie. The list goes on and on.  We sell and broker millions of dollars in PSA graded and SGC graded cards annually.

We are the leader in Caramel cards bar none.  We can locate and find virtually any of the Caramel cards because we have sold more than anyone in the hobby.  No one pays more because no one has more Caramels clients.  Bring them to us! 

Everyday collectors nationwide utilize our services to aggressively locate, sell and buy hard to find cards. Placing customer's needs first has earned TonyeTrade the reputation of one of the most respected and knowledgeable sports and baseball card dealers in the country. We offer a variety of services for your sports card needs. 

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